My Birthday Reflections and My Next Goals (write sex books!)

Last Updated : Tuesday, August 16, 2016   This is a True Tales Tuesday  post. Birthdays mean different things to different people. Most people view them as a reason to celebrate, eat, drink, party, and have fun. I do, too, to a certain extent, but as I get older and older, I have begun to … Read more

Boost Your Productivity by Using Future Me (and Accomplish a TON!)

Future Me logo

Wow. I’m a bit of a procrastinator.

I just checked all the “drafts” I have in my blogging folder, and some are from over two years ago!

Shame on me. And I call myself a writer. LOL

But that’s not why I’m writing this to you today. And, yes, it’s today, April 5, 2016.

Today, I’m going on a rant. I’m also going to talk to you about how you can follow my example to attain self-actualization, as well as all of the things I’ve accomplished since using Future Me.

However, this is not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill blog post. So please read it until the end! (Or you might miss something!)

Some Thoughts about my Future

Because I like to write, I think I’m going to bring back True Tales Tuesdays blog posts, like the kind I used to write on my very first blog, Lorraine Reguly’s Life (which no longer exists, as I’ve turned that blog into Wording Well and have since opened a business which offers 4 different freelancing services).

But I like writing, diary-style, and feel the need to document some more of my life history.

After all, one day (ask me when!), I’m going to publish a series of books about my life and all that I’ve been through… from being raped when I was a virgin, to quitting school, to becoming a single mom of a half-Spanish boy, to doing drugs, to prostituting myself, to getting two university degrees, to teaching high school, to returning to prostitution and then getting involved with crack, to turning my life around after nearly dying, to opening a freelancing business, to going on the trip of a lifetime, to… well, let’s see, that’s where I’m at right now, so I am not sure how or when the series will end!

My question to you: Would you like to see these types of posts here?

Let me know in the comments!

How I Used Future Me to Boost My Productivity

Anyway, today I wanted to share something with you that I found helpful to me a couple of years ago, and also which is helpful to me today, in keeping my goals and productivity on track.

It involves writing a letter to yourself… to your future self… using a free service called FUTURE ME.


Basically, you simply write a letter to your future self. You pick the day you want to receive an email from your present self, then write the letter, then send it off.

Easy-peasy, right?

I was first introduced to this site by Benny Hsu, when I took one of his courses just over two years ago.

At that time, I was still suffering (although mildly) from depression, and I wanted to Get Busy Living instead of dying (the name of the course, which is now unavailable).

Benny actually gave it to me because I wanted it. And, at the time, I had no money. And no credit card.

I am forever indebted to the mastermind who created that 30-day email course.

It changed my life.

I became motivated.

I had drive.

I wanted to reach my goals, and made plans to do so.

Then I reached them.

I used FUTURE ME to help.

I started writing letters to myself, knowing that I’d be disappointed in myself if I didn’t do what I said I was going to do.

It worked.

Almost three years ago, I wrote the following letter, which I was to receive on my mom’s 68th birthday. I got it, too!

Here is the letter I sent myself:

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Indie Promotion Sites

Ebook Cover - Risky Issues by Lorraine Reguly

There are many sites that promote books. Today I will share a couple with you, and I want YOU to tell ME which sites YOU KNOW OF that promote books. Let’s all share with one another!

Just drop a line and a link in the comments! Thanks. 🙂

Indie Promoter: Owen Thomas

I recently discovered another promotional site for indie authors: Owen Thomas Fiction. This indie helps emerging Indie fiction Authors by doing several different things, including author interviews.

He published a mention of my book on his Emerging Indie Authors page, which links to a press release for Risky Issues.

According to Owen:

Selected authors must subscribe to this site and include a reciprocal link on their author website. If your application is approved, I will post the following information: your name, the name of your book, available formats, a 100-word summary, a link to your website, and the place or places your book can be found. Postings will be made 1-3 times per week on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Indies Unlimited

Indies Unlimited is a great place to connect with other Indie authors. It’s written by Indies, for Indies. Need I say more?

Check out their FAQ page to learn more.

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A Quick Read: One Minute A to Z Stories

Last Updated : Saturday, June 20, 2015 It’s official. I’ve contributed to yet another anthology! In fact, I contributed two stories to A Quick Read: One Minute Stories from all over the World. I’ve also included them in this post, so you can see the variety that this book offers. About A Quick Read: One Minute Stories … Read more

Legal Deposit. It’s the Law. #indie #publishing

Library and Archives Canada Legal Deposit Information

Legal Deposit is a term that most authors have never heard of, but if you are an independently published Canadian author, or have a Canadian-assigned ISBN, you need to know what Legal Deposit means for you.

Why? It’s a law. And it must be followed.

It’s also a law for UK authors.

For more information on the UK law, visit the British Library.

For more information on Canadian law, read on!

What Legal Deposit Is… and What It Means for YOU

Basically, Legal Deposit is a law that says you have to submit your books and e-books to the Library and Archives Canada to help preserve your Canadian heritage.

You must submit your e-books through their website after creating an account with them.

Use the following image to help you navigate their site (or read a tutorial post on Indies Unlimited, which includes step-by-step screenshots):

Legal Deposit Sidebar Menu of Options

Choose the option that says “Online or digital publications” to submit your electronic files.

For physical books, you have to print out this form (or the appropriate form found on the Legal Deposit website that applies to your type of publication) and then ship it, along with your book, to the following address:

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My #bookreview of Melissa Bowersock’s BURNING THROUGH (#paranormal #books)

Burning Through book cover

Burning Through book cover

It’s no secret that Melissa Bowersock is one talented lady. Not only is she an award-winning author who has been both traditionally and self-published, but she’s an excellent storyteller who has given many interviews.

(I particularly like this one.)

I read her book, Burning Through, in two sittings. It was that captivating!

It’s also received many rave reviews. It’s hard to believe that she wrote this wonderful novel in only 39 days! Amazing!

Read on to find out what this book is about, to learn more about my relationship with this lady, and to discover more books by this author!

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How A Blind Man Helped Me Make Risky Issues AVAILABLE in PRINT! #fiction #books

proof copies of my book and Max's book

I suck as an Indie. I’ll admit it. Not as an author, but as a promotor.

I didn’t do a blog tour. I barely tell people about my book.

Why? I’m too busy growing my business (Wording Well) and helping my clients.


Ebook Cover - Risky Issues by Lorraine Reguly

Today I’m pleased to announce that Risky Issues is FINALLY available in print, from CreateSpace… thanks to my experience with working with Maxwell Ivey, a blind gentleman who is now also the Indie author of Leading You Out Of The Darkness Into The Light: A Blind Man’s Inspirational Guide to Success.

Visit CreateSpace to learn more about Risky Issues.

Visit CreateSpace to learn more about Max’s book.

Why It Took Me So Long To Ready Risky Issues For Printing

I hate to say this, but I’m a bit of a procastinator when it comes to my own personal projects. This is because I always put others’ needs before my own.

Of course, I’m trying to make my own writing a priority this year, which means I have to cut out a few things from my life in other areas, as there are only 24 hours in a day!

Recently, I was hired to help a blind man, Maxwell Ivey, publish his book.

Leading you out of the Darkness Into The Light book cover

I was responsible for:

  • editing his book, which included more than just simple proofreading
  • working with three different people regarding the cover design (getting permission from Jenny Rollo, the original copyright owner of the photography selected by Angela McCall, getting the correct files from Angela after she designed the book cover, and corresponding with Brenda from Covers By Design, who ended up adding a tagline to the title and then formatted the cover for the print copies)
  • relaying each step of the process to Max
  • ensuring I had the correct files for both Amazon and CreateSpace, as his book is available at both places as well as Selz, where you can purchase a coaching package that includes a digital copy of his book
  • uploading all files to each site and filling in all fields with the appropriate information
  • getting a proof copy in the mail
  • changing and perfecting the files
  • finalizing things and then updating Max’s website pages with links to his books — and book reviews!

When I received the proof copy of Max’s book from CreateSpace, I had to make a couple of minor alterations to the text file. Coincidentally, they were similar to the ones I had to make to my own book.

Me holding Max's book

After helping Max get published, I was inspired to finish my book. I made the changes and uploaded the new file.

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