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In 2013, when I was an aspiring author, I was told to follow certain blogs, including the one belonging to Passive Guy.

I’m not a huge news addict, but I do scan the emails I get. Often something piques my interest, and Publishing industry reels after nine million fewer books are given as gifts in 2013 was no exception.

What I found interesting are the following:

The survey found that digital e-books now account for 25 per cent of all book purchases (up from 20 per cent in 2012) and that their growth is at the expense of paperbacks (down to 50 per cent from 55 per cent) but not of hardbacks (steady at 21 per cent).


Erotic fiction – which dropped from 16 per cent of the market in 2012 to five per cent in 2013 – has tumbled from second most popular genre in paperbacks and e-books in 2012 to seventh place in both categories in 2013.

I found the last one especially interesting because I was thinking about writing erotica.


I guess I’ll just have to go where my muse takes me.

For now, I’m working on Letters To Julian. It’s going slowly, as I’ve been dealing with some personal issues as well as some health issues. I will be looking for beta readers, though, when I’m done.

If you want to be one, please let me know, and I’ll add your name to my list!



6 thoughts on “Some Interesting News

  1. maxwell ivey

    hi lorraine; good that you are continuing to keep up with industry trends. with the monster success of the 50 shades books I’m wondering if the drop in erotic fiction may have to do with some of those works being recategorized by the publishers or being submitted to different niches by the authors. also a lot of gothic fiction and romance could easily fit in the erotica category. and then there are a lot of free sites such as fan fiction sites and sites where authors can publish their work for free but still maintain a copywrite. and i think hard cover sales didn’t change because those people who want hard cover books aren’t likely to change their personalities overnight. I would imagine with an aging population we might even see some increase in the numbers of hard cover sales just like we have started to see a resurgence in sales of vinyl albums. don’t ask me who, but earlier this year one group sold over 4,000 copies on good old vinyl. best of luck with all your projects including mine. 😉 take care sweetie, max

    1. lorraine Post author

      Max, it’s tough to keep up with everything, but I try to do my best. You make some important points about the various ages of readers, too. Older people are still more likely to buy physical books as most are not tech-savvy, don’t have computers or e-readers, or simply prefer to hold an actual book in their hands. Even now, this is still my personal preference, too.

      My parents have a box of vinyl albums… I wonder how much their worth, and where I can sell them. Any ideas?

  2. Christy Birmingham

    I don’t pay attention to what’s popular but instead to what my heart wants to write about. There will always be trends to follow… or not 🙂 Keep writing and we’ll keep reading, Lorraine!

    1. lorraine Post author

      Christy, thanks for the reassurance! 🙂 I love knowing your there, behind the scenes, egging me on.

      FYI, the feeling is mutual, and I love your poetry. It’s so uplifting, and speaks to your true spirit, my friend. 🙂 #awesome!


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