2 Podcasts With 2 Different Messages You Need to Hear!

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Podcasts are popular these days, and I’ve jumped on the podcast bandwagon to help share my life story, the lessons I’ve learned, and the wisdom I’ve gleaned from being an author.

I was also able to promote my book, From Nope to Hope, to new audiences!

Plus, I was able to offer advice to others on how to become an author!

Did you know I help others become authors(It’s true… ANYONE CAN BECOME AN AUTHOR THESE DAYS!)

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2 Podcasts I’ve Done Recently

I was invited to do a podcast with Carol Graham, who runs the podcast called NEVER EVER GIVE UP HOPE. We talked all about how to become successful using some of my tips… including how to use positive affirmations!

Carol Graham logo for Never Ever Give Up Hope

I was also invited to do a podcast with Win Kelly Charles, an author who has Cerebral Palsy, who runs the BUTTERFlIES OF WISDOM podcast. Win and I talked about how people can become authors, and what steps to take to get started.

Butterflies of Wisdom logo

These two podcasts have two very different messages, but both are equally important. Give them a listen! Here are the links!

Podcast Links:

Listen to my The Butterflies of Wisdom podcast.

Listen to the podcast I did with Carol Graham, called – When You Just Want the Pain to End, by visiting one of the following links:

I Heart Radio

Her website



Google Play (look for the October 25th, 2017 date)

How Did I Learn of these Podcasts?

While it’s easy to find podcasts online to listen to, it’s a bit tougher to find ones that are aligned with the messages I want to share.

That is why I hired a media publicist.

Some of you might know him, as he is also an author… and a life coach… and the owner of another business, The Midway Marketplace.

The guy to whom I’m referring is none other than Maxwell Ivey Jr.  He’s an amazing man and someone who is also very inspirational. (Hey, when you lose over 250 pounds and reduce your size by over half, you’re inspirational just for doing that! Never mind that he is blind…)

You can also hire Max to help you find the right podcast to be on! Just visit his website or fill out his contact form. He is one of the most helpful guys I know.

And he will even feature you as A SUCCESS STORY! (He featured me!)

What My Next Goals Are (with Podcasts and writing)

I plan on being on more podcasts, of course! Duh! 😉

I also plan on writing more books and e-books so I can promote them on more podcasts! 😉

I want to publish a series of books on blogging tips. They will actually be tutorials on how to use certain free tools (like JustRetweet, for example).

What tips or tutorials do you need? (Tell me in the comments!)


4 thoughts on “2 Podcasts With 2 Different Messages You Need to Hear!

  1. The Blind Blogger Maxwell Ivey

    Hi Lorraine; What a wonderful surprise. When you help someone whether it be for profit or for the joy of helping them out; its always great to hear they appreciate you. I’ve always been grateful for the work you have done to get my books into print both online and in actual real books. Glad you are enjoying these interviews. They can be a bit addicting. I think its because we don’t have conversations any more. I feel like that hour or thirty minutes you set aside to do nothing but talk with a friend on air is a blessing when compared to all the short, meaningless, oft interrupted interactions we have most of the time. Can’t wait to hear more of you online my friend. Great going, Max

    1. Lorraine Reguly Post author

      Max, you are always doing your best to promote my services to others, and you know I appreciate your efforts! That’s why Bob Abramson hired me to edit his book last year. 🙂

      I do my best to help promote your books, too. And this is one of my ways of saying “Thank you.”
      Another way is to write a blog post that mentions your awesome services. 🙂

      I agree that podcasts can be addicting. I also agree that we don’t have enough conversations with others. That is why I like Skyping with you so much!


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