Poetry I Wrote (Collection #3)

Me at age 44 before my birthday

There are 5 poems in this collection.

The first 4 are a bit sad but the last one is positive, as it is about my friends! 🙂

Poem 1: Pain

You stepped into my life and offered me something I wanted.
Now that you are gone, I am haunted.

I opened my heart and mind to you.
I believed your feelings for me were true.

Now I see you were just using me.
I wish all guys would just let me be.

I am tired of feeling this pain
And getting hurt over and over again.

Poem 2: Loss

From out of nowhere, the tears fall from my face.

Deep inside, I know the cause.
I am still hurt.

I suffered a loss. I thought my mourning it was complete. I thought I moved on.

When you love someone, and your trust gets broken, it takes a long time to heal. Maybe you never heal.

I thought what we had was real.

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Cat Love (#poem) + How to Make A Photo Collage

a cat collage I made for my dad

Many people love cats.

My family is no exception.

That is why, for Father’s Day in 2013, I decided to give my father something that he wanted: the gift of memories.

I accomplished this by making a Cat Photo Collage for him, because he loves cats.

I also wrote the poem, Cat Love, for him, which I included in the collage.

Here is the poem, which you can clearly see pasted into the collage:

Cat Love

Cats provide companionship,

semi-conditional love and joy;

Purring when happy,

growling when annoyed.

They each have personalities

and unique characteristics.

They have an amazing ability to heal

using their purrs and licks.

Cats are just like little children,

and will eat wet food on command.

They’ll ask to go outside

so they can roam and play.

They’ll bring home mice as presents,

whether cats are orange, black, white or grey.

Cats are adorable little creatures

– I think this is something we all know –

For all the reasons listed here,

this is why we love them so!

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My Birthday Reflections and My Next Goals (write sex books!)

Last Updated : Tuesday, August 16, 2016   This is a True Tales Tuesday  post. Birthdays mean different things to different people. Most people view them as a reason to celebrate, eat, drink, party, and have fun. I do, too, to a certain extent, but as I get older and older, I have begun to … Read more

5 Unique Challenges Women Face When It Comes to Drug Addiction

5 Unique Challenges Women Face When It Comes to Drug Addiction


I once tried to kill myself. I have also been a drug addict. And a prostitute. They all stemmed from the fact that I was raped when I was 14.

Because I am currently working on a book to help others overcome their suicidal thoughts, I accepted this guest post from Jennifer McGregor. It discusses topics such as addition and suicide.

Suicide is Happening More Often These Days

It may be surprising to some, but suicide is actually the second leading cause of death for young people ages 10 – 24. And in fact the suicide rate for both genders in that age group has steadily increased since 2007. But young people aren’t the only ones being affected by increased suicide rates. The rate of suicide for middle-aged men has increased by 40 percent since 2008.

From bullying to financial troubles to mental health issues, there are many reasons people choose to take their own lives. At PublicHealthLibrary.org, we’re seeking to educate young people and adults who may be considering suicide about the life-saving resources available to them.

There are many different reasons women may begin abusing substances including physiological, cultural, emotional, and spiritual. Women battling addiction face unique challenges before, during, and after their addictions. Listed below are five of the unique challenges women face when it comes to drug addiction.

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A Collection of 4 Poems I Wrote (Collection #2)

 A Collection of Poems I Wrote (Collection #2)

This collection is a collection of 4 poems that I wrote for members of my family, for some particular occasion or other.

These poems differ greatly from the 14 poems I wrote for this collection.

My Graduation Poem for my mom

1. My Graduation from University Poem, “On This Day”

*This poem was written on Saturday, May 29, 1999, for my mother, on the day I graduated from Lakehead University. I attended LU for five years, after taking four years to complete my high school education. I went back to school when my son was 7 months old, enrolling in a special program for single mothers. The reason the poem mentions “nine” years is because I have combined the years I attended school consecutively after my son was born. The picture above shows my mom’s fridge, which still has the poem on it.


On this day, I stand proud

For soon my name will be heard aloud,

And my degrees will be presented to me.

On this day, I remember the past nine years,

Including much laughter and many shod tears,

And, as I stand here, I look at thee.

On this day, I feel your love and pride

Enveloping me from every side,

And I want you to know how much you mean to me.

On this day, I recall the struggles we’ve endured,

But my unhappiness, you have finally cured,

And now it is time for you to set me free.

On this day, I stand here as a graduate at last,

Making your dreams for me a thing of the past,

And, soon, my dreams will become a reality.

On this day, a new chapter of my life will commence –

One which will be based on goals and common sense,

And I’ll survive just fine, wherever I’ll be.

The cake I made for my parents' 44th anniversary

2. On 44 Years of Marriage

*On July 12, 2013, my whole family got together and took my parents out for dinner for their 44th wedding anniversary. We then all went to their house and had cake and ice-cream. I wrote a poem for them, too.

Here it is:

Not too many people’s parents stay together for 44 years of marriage
– most guys split when they see a baby carriage!
But Dad loved you, Mom, and wanted a family,
And he chose you, of all women, to marry.

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A Collection of 14 Poems I Wrote (Collection #1)

A Collection of Poems I Wrote (Collection #1)

I have compiled this collection of 14 poems I wrote from the posts previously published on Poetry Perfected (my free site that I no longer want to maintain). I have been moving many of my poems from that site to this one this past month.

It is my sincerest hope that you enjoy the following collection of 14 poems that I wrote. They are much different from the ones found in my collection of 4 poems I wrote for my other family members.  And different from Collection #2.

1. The Key to Happiness

*This poem was written for my cousin on her wedding day, and I gave it to her as part of her gift.

Want for happiness, not material things,
but accept, gratefully, all that life brings.

Desire many luxuries, and strive for success.
Hold fast to your goals, and you’ll have the best.

Share your innermost thoughts, hidden feelings, and fears,
And keep the doors open for whatever nears.

Wish for each other upon a bright star,
For it is this one which will take you far.

Stay close in mind, letting your souls unite;
Be together as one, seeing not darkness, but light.

Let not unimportant issues cause arguments,
For such idiosyncrasies can make relationships tense.

Do not underestimate all your hopes and dreams,
But invest in each other, and witness what the other redeems.

Savor special moments — perhaps they will be far and few.
Revel in your glories, and always keep your hearts true.

Enjoy the present, and memories of past.
The future awaits, and it will be a blast!

Be kind, patient, and honest,
And love your moments together.

Cherish your family and friends,
And happiness will be yours forever.

2. My Relationship Dream Fulfilled

I now have a relationship and a friendship that is true.

No fights, no secrets, and no lies—

there’s nothing bad between me and you.

There is only caring, sharing, and love,

And those come straight from the heart.

We have so much love between us

That nothing seems to keep us apart.

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24 Haiku Poems

Haiku poetry is easy to write, consists of three lines, and usually follows the 5-7-5 syllable pattern. The third line generally offers some type of “surprise” or something that is unexpected.

Some people write in a 5-5-7 or a 7-5-5 pattern, which is also acceptable, although I prefer the traditional 5-7-5 pattern.

Much has been written on Haiku Poetry, so there’s no need to rehash it all here. However, for more information on writing Haiku poetry, you can read “How To Write A Haiku Poem“.

Here are a variety of Haiku poems that I have written. Since they are so short, I have decided to include two dozen (24) here. Some are light, some are dark, and some are in-between. I have also included pictures to accompany many of these 24 Haiku poems, and, to identify each them, I have simply numbered them.

If you like a particular one, simply tell me which one (or ones) that you like in the comment section, please!

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A Poem for My “Janu” (A.K.A Mr. “X”)

A Poem for My Janu

Good news! I’m in love!

But… don’t get too happy for me just yet… because I live in Canada and the guy I am in love with lives in India.



How I Met My Janu (and what “Janu” means)

We met on Facebook, of all places, if you can believe that!

It’s kind of funny, actually, because I had been trying the whole “online dating thing” since mid-March (of 2016)… with no luck.

I joined one particular dating site and then, about a month later, I joined another. And the online “dancing” began.


It’s tough trying to get to know someone, especially when many guys lie about what they are truly looking for (most are just looking for a quick hook-up or a one-night stand). It’s even tougher to try and get to know someone when they are playing mind games, lying to you.

After many different conversations and picture exchanges, I decided to meet a few guys in person. However, I didn’t “click” with anyone. The only guy I was even remotely interested in was not 100% interested in me, even though he said he was. I soon found out that he was a liar. I don’t need people like that in my life!

Anyways, it’s a good thing that I didn’t really connect with any of these guys! I wouldn’t have found Mr. X otherwise! (I will call the guy I am in love with Mr. X for now, because he doesn’t want anyone knowing who he is. The customs and cultures in his country are very different from those in North America, and I want to respect his privacy.)

It was Mr. X’s birthday recently, and I wanted to do something special for him.

I made him a poem picture using the letters of his name, took a picture of it, and sent it to him.

I also wrote the following poem for him and sent it to him. I posted it on Facebook, too. Janu, apparently, is Hindi for “my love,” “my dear,” or “my life.” I think it can also be spelled “Jaanu.” I’m not sure. I don’t speak Hindi!!! (However, I’m learning a few words…) 😉

Anyway, here is the poem I wrote:

Happy Birthday to my JANU in India

I wanted to write a special poem to say
How much I think of you each and every day.
There is something really special about you,
And though we’re miles apart,
My feelings for you are true.
I’m so very attracted to you
and think you are a handsome, gorgeous man.
I really want us to be together forever,
and honestly, truly hope we can.
You’ve got a big heart and an intelligent mind,
You speak such nice words to me, and are very kind.
Despite my past, you show a lot of respect to me,
and by your side is where I want to be.
I’ve never fallen in such true love so fast before,
and can’t wait to see you arrive at my door.
If you feel the same way about me,
I vow I will wait for you and other people I won’t see.
I want us to be committed to one another for life.
I’ve even considered – some day – of being your wife.
I’m ready for a real, lasting relationship with someone,
And I hope that I can stop looking now, that I’m done…
Because I found you, or because you found me —
Because we found each other —
And, that together, we are meant to be.
<3 Written on June 25, 2016 for my “Janu.” <3

How We Are Strengthening Our Relationship

Mr. X and I somehow became “Facebook friends.”

He sent me a message. When I first saw it, I was busy and didn’t have time to reply to him.

Later, when I had time, I took a look at his profile pictures. Somehow, they spoke to me. I was immediately physically attracted to him.

Look at him… he’s gorgeous!!!

This is picture of my sexy Mr. X.

I immediately wanted to get to know him!

So, I replied to his message… and…

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