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Ebook Cover - Risky Issues by Lorraine Reguly

There are many sites that promote books. Today I will share a couple with you, and I want YOU to tell ME which sites YOU KNOW OF that promote books. Let’s all share with one another!

Just drop a line and a link in the comments! Thanks. 🙂

Indie Promoter: Owen Thomas

I recently discovered another promotional site for indie authors: Owen Thomas Fiction. This indie helps emerging Indie fiction Authors by doing several different things, including author interviews.

He published a mention of my book on his Emerging Indie Authors page, which links to a press release for Risky Issues.

According to Owen:

Selected authors must subscribe to this site and include a reciprocal link on their author website. If your application is approved, I will post the following information: your name, the name of your book, available formats, a 100-word summary, a link to your website, and the place or places your book can be found. Postings will be made 1-3 times per week on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Indies Unlimited

Indies Unlimited is a great place to connect with other Indie authors. It’s written by Indies, for Indies. Need I say more?

Check out their FAQ page to learn more.

A Book Review of Risky Issues

You meet people of all ages when blogging, and a while back I had the fortune of meeting and interacting with a teenage girl. She bought my book, and wrote me a review. She blogged her review of Risky Issues on her site, The Confetti Girl, too.

Below are a couple of things she said, about each story:

The Secrets of the Study – This story deals with the idea of adoption and made me feel and understand every thought and feeling of the character as she weighs all positive and negative thoughts while tension increases and builds to the climax.

Pamela in the Park- The ever changing balance between actions and decisions is something we teenagers face everyday as we learn to make decisions, form opinions and accept mistakes that we make and it is brought out beautifully and realistically by Reguly in the second story.

The Day Adam Saw Red – This story brings out the many layers of complexities and bundled emotions that a young victim experiences and these are effectively portrayed by Reguly in a fashion that makes you feel that the characters could be anyone in the world around you, making you sensitive to the issue and more aware.

My Best Friend – Personally, this story affected me deeply and is one of my favorites in this book because it made me realize how true friends are the ones that cannot be replaced no matter what.

I simply love what she has said in her recommendation, too, as it proves that one of my goals about raising awareness and communication have been met:

I highly recommend this book to every young adult and adult even though this book focuses on teenagers. This is because along with expressing and exploring teenagers, Reguly also explores the adults in the lives of these teenagers which can bring to you a fresh perspective in your understanding of teenagers. Though a little short and elaborate in the dealing of complex issues and ideas, this book is a lifeline to teenagers in such issues and a torch to others who become more sensitive and aware after reading it.

You can purchase Risky issues here. (Indian citizens)

And here (For US and Canadian citizens)


Do you help promote Indie authors?

What promotion services have you found to be useful?

Share in the comments, please, and help others discover new ways to  promote their books!

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