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Me holding Lisa Gardner's book open to show others her autograph

Lisa Gardner’s FEAR NOTHING: An Autographed Copy + a #bookreview

It’s true. I received an autographed copy of Lisa Gardner’s Fear Nothing! How exciting! I’ve been wanting to read this book since October 2013. How I Got an Autographed Copy… Read more »

Burning Through book cover

My #bookreview of Melissa Bowersock’s BURNING THROUGH (#paranormal #books)

It’s no secret that Melissa Bowersock is one talented lady. Not only is she an award-winning author who has been both traditionally and self-published, but she’s an excellent storyteller who… Read more »

All About BookVetter: A Site for #authors, #writers, and #bookreview #bloggers

  BookVetter is a fairly new site for authors, aspiring writers, and book review bloggers, and I learned about this site through one of my LinkedIn connections,¬†Marc Brackett. He’s the… Read more »