Poetry I Wrote (Collection #3)

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There are 5 poems in this collection.

The first 4 are a bit sad but the last one is positive, as it is about my friends! 🙂

These poems differ greatly from the 14 poems I wrote for this collection. And from the ones in Collection #2. They are also very different from these 24 Haiku poems!

Poem 1: Pain

You stepped into my life and offered me something I wanted.
Now that you are gone, I am haunted.

I opened my heart and mind to you.
I believed your feelings for me were true.

Now I see you were just using me.
I wish all guys would just let me be.

I am tired of feeling this pain
And getting hurt over and over again.

Poem 2: Loss

From out of nowhere, the tears fall from my face.

Deep inside, I know the cause.
I am still hurt.

I suffered a loss. I thought my mourning it was complete. I thought I moved on.

When you love someone, and your trust gets broken, it takes a long time to heal. Maybe you never heal.

I thought what we had was real.

I was so foolish to think that.
I see that now.
But it doesn’t erase the pain I feel again and again.

I always wish we could go back to how we were… and each time we talk, I hope things will be different.

But they aren’t.

Poem 3: My Life

My depression… it comes and it goes.
It is awful when it’s there… being caught it in its throes.

Tears fall from my eyes… for no reason at all.
I feel like I am up against a brick wall.
There’s no escaping this feeling although I want to stand tall.

Bad memories haunt me and hurt my heart
I cannot concentrate… I am falling apart.

Then a friend messages me and makes me forget all the bad stuff .
I am reminded that I am tough.

I feel love from her as she dries my tears.
Now I’m stronger… without any fears.

My resolution returns and I again am the king…
And instead of crying, words of joy I will sing.

My emotions are like a roller-coaster, with lows and highs,
And my friend reminds me that I am wise.

I love her so much, she lives inside me.
She is not another person.
Instead, she is me.

Poem 4: Strength  + Learning From My Mistakes

The bond we had was shattered when you lied.
When you lied, a part of me died.

A part of me died deep inside.
Deep inside, I feel this pain.

I feel this pain again and again.
Again and again, I wish things were like they once were.

I wish things were like they once were, but I know they will never be like that ever again.

I know they will never be like that ever again, so I will move on.

I will move on.

P.S. I have moved on. ❤

Poem 5: Friendship

I love my friends. Why?
They make me laugh and smile.
They offer support to me.
They make me see life is worthwhile.
Some of them are really special… even more than they know.
Some of them also help me to grow.
I have many types of friends…
And each has a role in my life.
They are all important to me
Even the one who once lied to me and said he cut himself with a knife.
It may seem like I don’t have time for them all…
And sometimes I really don’t…
But if there’s an emergency,
I will be there… so don’t think I won’t.
I am grateful for the technology that allows many of us to be close…
even though we live far away.
I love all my friends, from all over the world,
And if you are my friend, in my heart you will always stay.

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    1. Lorraine Reguly Post author


      My poetry is written from the heart, that’s why you felt it.

      Thanks for saying that, by the way. It’s nice to know I can make others FEEL something. 🙂


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