24 Haiku Poems

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Haiku poetry is easy to write, consists of three lines, and usually follows the 5-7-5 syllable pattern. The third line generally offers some type of “surprise” or something that is unexpected.

Some people write in a 5-5-7 or a 7-5-5 pattern, which is also acceptable, although I prefer the traditional 5-7-5 pattern.

Much has been written on Haiku Poetry, so there’s no need to rehash it all here. However, for more information on writing Haiku poetry, you can read “How To Write A Haiku Poem“.

Here are a variety of Haiku poems that I have written. Since they are so short, I have decided to include two dozen (24) here. Some are light, some are dark, and some are in-between. I have also included pictures to accompany many of these 24 Haiku poems, and, to identify each them, I have simply numbered them.

If you like a particular one, simply tell me which one (or ones) that you like in the comment section, please!

Haiku #1

the x-ray vision

fortune tellers claim to have

cannot see cancer


Haiku #2

tick tock goes the clock

the second-hand rounds its course

non-digital time

Haiku #3

flesh decays quickly

exposed to the elements

flies don’t go hungry

a candle's light

Haiku #4

the candle’s bright flame

flickers in its holder

cracking the glass

Haiku #5

the rouge on her cheeks

matches the red gloss on her lips

a prostitute’s face



Haiku #6

the soft white tissue

gives comfort to my nose

its texture’s chafing

Haiku #7

intricate designs

crystalize on the cold glass

Jack Frost works again

Haiku #8

baby’s sonogram

technological beauty

photographs of life


Haiku #9

a winking eyelid

lets me in on a secret

unspoken words tell

a hand holding a pen getting ready to write

Haiku #10

ink flows from my pen

fingers grasp the nubby tip

creating poetry

Haiku #11

the crack pipe is hot

thumbs calloused from the lighter

drugs melting my brain

A collection of stuffed animals

Haiku #12

soft stuffed animals

and bumper pads line the crib

but baby’s stillborn

a razor

Haiku #13

razor-sharp cuts
bleed and colour the water red
bathtub suicide

Haiku #14

the screaming won’t stop

please let it be over soon

the birth of my son

Haiku #15


the post office delivers

bills long overdue

sunny sky with clouds

Haiku #16

white cumulus clouds

morphing into lovely shapes

smiling down on me

Haiku #17

children crying

chemotherapy waiting

hospital daycare

Haiku #18

a balancing act

merging lightness with darkness

emotional prose

Haiku #19

tears streaming downward

falling like drops from the sky

my kitten just died

Haiku #20

a puppy barking

playing and chasing the ball

gets hit by a car

Haiku #21

goldfish are swimming

in the toilet bowl water

going down the drain

Haiku #22

purple, black and blue

then brown fading to yellow

colours of bruises

Haiku #23

white foam at the mouth

crazy behaviour of dogs

rabies apparent

a rose
Haiku #24

pretty pink petalsresemble a rose so weeet

tasty vagina

Comments, anyone?

Which Haiku is your favourite?

Did any shock you?

Tell me their numbers, please, and why you like or dislike them!

Oh, and share this post, please!

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