International Women’s Day 2017


Today is International Women’s Day (March 8, 2017) and I decided to write about one special woman I know.


She was a tortured soul.
She didn’t know how to tell others how she truly felt.
She gave them hints, but no one was smart enough to figure it out.
She decided to simply give up.
She had had enough.
She swallowed some pills, thinking that that would do the trick.
It didn’t.
Instead, she got sick.
And life went on.
One day, she decided to write about what happened to her.
Others read her true story.
They said she was inspirational.
She didn’t think so, but she was happy she helped others by sharing her experiences.
Her voice became the strength others relied on.
She felt pressured to live up to these new expectations.
She remains tortured within the confines of her own mind, but she now fears nothing and no one and continues to provide help to those in need.
She has endured rape, mental abuse, and has been shot at.
She has been hit. She has been used and degraded.
Still, she stands strong.
She built a business around the only the thing she has ever loved: words.
She writes. She reads. She fixes others… both their words AND their tortured minds.
She has a big heart. Despite all she has endured, she cares.
She genuinely cares for others, even strangers.
She wants to make the world a better place.
She sometimes wishes she had a different life, a better life, an easier life.
But she has accepted how things are. She has made many positive changes. She is a good person now, a better person than she used to be.
She still sometimes wants to give up.
She still feels a lot of emotional pain.
But she carries on. She believes she can help others by continuing to share her experiences and by being a voice for those who are silent and in need.
Who is this woman?
She is me, Lorraine Reguly.

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