A Collection of 14 Poems I Wrote (Collection #1)

A Collection of Poems I Wrote (Collection #1)

I have compiled this collection of 14 poems I wrote from the posts previously published on Poetry Perfected (my free site that I no longer want to maintain). I have been moving many of my poems from that site to this one this past month.

It is my sincerest hope that you enjoy the following collection of 14 poems that I wrote. They are much different from the ones found in my collection of 4 poems I wrote for my other family members.  And different from Collection #2. They are also very different from these 24 Haiku poems!

1. The Key to Happiness

*This poem was written for my cousin on her wedding day, and I gave it to her as part of her gift.

Want for happiness, not material things,
but accept, gratefully, all that life brings.

Desire many luxuries, and strive for success.
Hold fast to your goals, and you’ll have the best.

Share your innermost thoughts, hidden feelings, and fears,
And keep the doors open for whatever nears.

Wish for each other upon a bright star,
For it is this one which will take you far.

Stay close in mind, letting your souls unite;
Be together as one, seeing not darkness, but light.

Let not unimportant issues cause arguments,
For such idiosyncrasies can make relationships tense.

Do not underestimate all your hopes and dreams,
But invest in each other, and witness what the other redeems.

Savor special moments — perhaps they will be far and few.
Revel in your glories, and always keep your hearts true.

Enjoy the present, and memories of past.
The future awaits, and it will be a blast!

Be kind, patient, and honest,
And love your moments together.

Cherish your family and friends,
And happiness will be yours forever.

2. My Relationship Dream Fulfilled

I now have a relationship and a friendship that is true.

No fights, no secrets, and no lies—

there’s nothing bad between me and you.

There is only caring, sharing, and love,

And those come straight from the heart.

We have so much love between us

That nothing seems to keep us apart.

When you’re not with me, I am waiting

For the time for us to be together,

And when the time comes to be with you,

I want those moments to last forever.

When we are separated from each other,

I long to feel your gentle touch,

Your body close, your sweet warm kisses;

Whispering, “I love you very much.”

For I do love you, with all my heart,

And this kind of love I am going to keep,

And because you are very dear to me,

My love for you is deep.

I will always love you, until the very end,

And even then, from that time on;

My love for you will never fade;

It’s going to last an eternity long.

And when we are up there in Heaven,

Lying side by side, in love,

We will know that we’ve fulfilled each other,

And received our blessing from Almighty God above.

But, until the day that we join together,

Until the day we shall see the light,

We don’t need to worry or feel afraid,

Because things always have a way of turning out right.

3. I Cry

I cry for the people who have less than me.

I cry for those who are not free.

I cry for the opportunities and pets I have lost.

I cry for the past, which can’t be visited at any cost.

I cry for the times I forgot to push on.

I cry for the love I lost, that went wrong.

I cry for the kids who are abused and sad.

I cry for the parents who are addicted and bad.

I cry for the babies who have AIDS.

I cry for the world we have made.

I cry for the simplest of things sometimes, too.

I cry especially when I am feeling blue.

I cry when I’m tired and too exhausted to sleep.

I cry when I cannot write a poem that is deep.

I cry inwardly when I have a memory that stings.

I cry when I get frustrated with all that life brings.

I cry for others and myself and my son, too.

I cry for my family who doesn’t understand me or what I do.

Although I don’t want to kill myself and have moved on,

I cry for the parents and children who are now gone.

I make no apologies for being emotional and caring.

It shows I am human.

And that is something worth sharing.

4. When Life Has Got You Down

When life has got you down,

and you’re feeling blue,

Just remember you’re not alone,

And that I love you.

When life has got you down,

and you’re scared or afraid,

Just remember you’re not alone,

And that I will come to your aid.

When life has got you down,

And your future is unsure or up in the air,

Just remember you’re not alone,

And that, about you, I really care.

When life has got you down,

And you’re feeling stressed,

Just remember to put both feet forward,

Starting out with your best.

When life has got you down,

And you feel like crying,

Just remember there are people who have it worse than you

Because they are dying.

When life has got you down,

And your morale is low,

Just remember I’m here to give you encouragement and support

So that you can continue to grow.

When life has got you down,

And you’re feeling ill,

Just remember I’ll take care of you –

And I always will.

When life has got you down,

And you want to talk,

Just remember I’m here to be

Your sturdy, unyielding rock.

Then, when life no longer has you down,

And you’re feeling wonderful and emotionally strong,

Just remember who helped you through your rough times,

And that, if they happen again,

They won’t last long.

infographic of My Online Journey Making Friends

5. Friends

Without friends, you’d have to go it all alone,

WIth friends around you, you can see how you’ve grown.

Without friends to support you and encourage you along the way,

You’d be lonely, and frustrated, and not have much to say.

With friends to help you and teach you brand new things,

You’ll be more susceptible to happiness and all that friendship brings.

WIthout friends to tell you where you might be going wrong,

You’d be stuck in one place, sometimes for very long.

With friends to care for you and want you to succeed,

You’ll be in a better frame of mind, which is what you need.

Without friends to remind you that they don’t judge you, and like you just the way you are

you’d be depressed and wallow in pity, which won’t get you very far.
With friends, you are a richer person, and are accepted, faults and all,

and with friends by your side, you can definitely stand tall.

Today I stand tall because I have awesome friends.

Image of a kite flying in the sky

6. Life Is Like A Kite

Life is like a kite;

It has its ups and downs.

It has its good and its bad times;

It has its smiles and its frowns.

Sometimes, like a kite

That gets caught up in a tree,

Life catches you and sticks you

And it is hard to break free.

But, finally, it does,

Sometimes with a little effort,

…sometimes, suddenly.

Sometimes, like a kite

That glides throughout the sky,

Life also flows quite smoothly,

But quickly passes by.

But sometimes it flows slowly,

Depending on the wind’s strength,

And, like a kite string, extends to any length.

Life is also like a kite

Because it’s enjoyed overall

And even though it has its rough times,

It, like a kite string, can be a real ball!

Life is like a kite…

Sometimes it’s low, sometimes it’s high.

But life is really like a kite

because not everyone gets it on their first try.

a picture of a rose accompanied by the words "I LOVE YOU"

7. Advice For My Son

*I wrote this for you on April 29, 1993. I don’t know if I ever gave this to you… but I am giving it to you now, and to the world, too!

Julian, my son, your time has now come
— and mine, too, for that matter.
Now listen closely, and understand these points,
For what I’m saying is not meaningless chatter.

You’re leaving home — my how you’ve grown —
And are about to be alone in this world.
Please accept gratefully the following advice,
And live by it, as you should.

Think before you speak.
Look before you leap.

Be friendly and kind; never be obscene.
Be generous to others; never be mean.

Beware of those who will use you.
Be strong, sure, and steady.

Do not procrastinate;
Always be ready.

Listen carefully, with a wise ear.
Do not believe everything you hear.

Spend your money wisely, on things that you need.
At least once a day, do a good deed.

Persevere, and don’t let life get you down.
Wear a warm smile; try not to frown.

Remain determined and ambitious; your rewards will be great.
Always be punctual; never be late.

Do not discriminate, nor treat people bad.
Be happy to be alive; try not to be sad.

Remember your friends, and your family, and keep them close to your heart.
Always — always — finish anything you start.

Do not borrow, and do not lend.
Do not fight, nor contend.

Discipline yourself to reach each goal.
Strive for excellence, but don’t taint your soul.

Accept disappointment; take it in stride.
Face confrontations head-on; try not to hide.

Enjoy yourself, and indulge once in awhile.
Be cautious of those who are filled with guile.

Treat others the way you’d want them to treat you.
Above all else, be honest and true.

If you follow this advice, you’ll never have to pay the price
That bad an unlawful people do.
Instead, happiness will be yours through and through.

Please remember all I’ve said,
And store it forever, in your head.
For, now, my dear and precious son,
The time, for you, has finally come
To be on your own, to shed your dependent shell,
And, for me, from my heart, to bid you farewell.

Here, for you, is one last rhyme.
Carry this poem all the time.
When you are feeling down or blue,
Read it again, and remember

Sincerely from,
Your friend,
Your Mom.

Cute smiling baby Samantha

8. There is no greater gift than…

There is no greater gift than
the smile of a baby,
the hug from a friend,
the encouragement of a co-worker,
the laugh of a child,
the purr of a cat,
the nuzzling of a dog,
the blossoming of a flower,
the shade of a tree on a hot day,
the coolness of a breeze flowing through the window of a warm apartment,
the gentleness of a nurse changing the dressing on your wound after an operation,
the first word spoken by an toddler,
the raindrops falling on the roof while you are curled up in bed with a good book,
the brightness of the stars in the sky on a dark night,
the moon glowing over a river or lake, providing mirrored reflection,
the aroma of fresh bread or chocolate chip cookies,
the smile of pride on the faces of parents on graduation day,
the moment you fall in love, or
the art of a poem.

a candle's light

9. My Light is Alive

I saw a light glowing

the other night

I did not fight, knowing

it was alright.

The light was seen, clearly,

inside my head, .

An idea, dearly,

was born, then bred.
It was nurtured,

loved, and then fed,

It grew then it flourished,


I’m not dead!

I’m alive and well and safe and loved and fed and clothed and housed-

all this I know.

I don’t have to dwell in the past;

I can live life and love it, slow or fast,

and all decisions I make from now on

are mine alone; I am not gone

from this world, not dead, not yet,

and so I live, though I won’t forget.

10. The Gang

They Sit




For Me

To Come

To Them.

They Sit

Beckoning Me

Becoming Anxious.

They Sit


In Front

Of My Eyes

Screaming Out

To Me.

They Sit

Huddled Together






To Be


11. The Death of My Best Friend

My best friend, she died the other day.
I didn’t have the chance to tell her
All of the things I wanted to say.

My best friend, she gave me lots of love.
I didn’t have the chance to help her
Before she joined angels up above.

My best friend was a true friend to me;
She was sweet, kind, caring, and happy,
And she also meant the world to me.

My best friend, she always greeted me at the door.
Waiting to give me hugs and kisses,
Now she will not meet me any more.

My best friend, she’ll be missed forever.
I will never, ever forget her,
Or the days we slept in together.

My best friend, she was faithful to me,
Providing me with companionship,
My best friend… My lover or puppy?

long time friend poem image

12. Farewell, My Long Time Friend

The once known friend and confidante of mine
has faded away during a period of time.
The emotions we previously expressed so openly and true
are now masked by the person that I once knew.
Our attitudes are different, perpetrated by a future cause,
never to be the same, as it once was.
The opinions we shared are not similar anymore;
our views may not ever be like they were before.
Situations have changed, drastically, fast.
Realization emits that some friendships don’t last.
It’s surprising to me to see just how life’s evolved;
we are not eagerly attempting to get our problems solved.
Enthusiastically dreaming of attaining many goals,
the ambitious pursuance has tainted our souls.
I remember the past vividly, and recall being best friends.
I now ponder the future, and whether we will ever be close again.
We used to share private thoughts and know we were understood right,
yet to voice anything now seems like such a fight.
I know that people do drift apart, sometimes, eventually…
But, this soon, I did not expect it to happen to us, you and me.
Perhaps the memories we each have within of our yesterdays
Shall stir in our hearts, bringing us back to some of our old ways.
As I presently think of all future changes to occur,
I’m hoping against hope to be free, like we once were.
Sensing our once best friend relationship
will never come to a complete, final end,
I shall bid you farewell for now,
my one-time confidante, and long time friend.

13. Death At The Hospital

Silver fixtures, a cold white room

Sterile doctors, impending doom

Covered with a hospital gown

Pain surges through me – up and down

A devastating prognosis

Medical terms to understand

Being schooled in diseases

Was not a part of my life plan

Whispered voices out in the hall

Briskness of nurses standing tall

Needles looming, syringes filled

with the hope that disease is killed

Wet injection, bloodless spurting

Will they ever stop the hurting?

Beeping machines increase the dose

Death may be near; I fear I’m close

Dreams are shattered, white light is near

Surgeons are screaming in my ear

Sudden silence, blackness arrives

And no success in saving lives
At least not mine – I drift away

My pulse has stopped; I cannot stay

Despite my fight and will to live

Dying, I have no more to give

My final thoughts elude me now

The embrace of death has come somehow

Doctors unmask, unglove and sigh

They still cannot figure out why

Their patient died. Their patient died.

Lorraine's artwork

14. In One’s Lifetime

*This poem is pretty neat and a bit unique. I couldn’t find an appropriate image for it so I have decided to accompany it with a picture of some artwork that I did years ago, since I also wrote this poem years ago…when I met a virgin who gave me his virginity! (Or so he said…)

In one’s lifetime, one meets many;
One has many different lovers and friends,
And usually one meets another
With whom all the time together one spends.
In my lifetime, I’ve met many,
And have had many different lovers and friends.
I’ve met one other one already
With whom all my time together was spent.

But in one’s lifetime, when one meets many,
One wants only one lover and many friends;
One wants to be with only one other
WIth whom all the time together one spends.
I’ve now met one, after meeting many,
And only want one lover, and many friends.
I want to be with only one other
With whom all my time together is spent.

But in one’s lifetime, before one meets many;
Before one has many different lovers and friends;
One must have one’s first lover
With whom some time together spent.
In my lifetime, after meeting many,
And having many different lovers and friends,
I found myself to be another one’s first lover
With whom some time together was spent.

And in one’s lifetime, after one meets many;
After one has only one lover and many friends;
One wants to be with other lovers
With whom some time together is spent.

But in one’s lifetime, after one meets many,
And was the first to be one’s only lover, as well as a friend,
One sometimes wants to continue on that way,
And be the only one with whom one’s time together is spent.
And in my lifetime, after being one’s first and and only lover,
As well as one’s friend,
I wanted to continue on that way;
To be the only one with whom one’s time together was spent.

But in one’s lifetime, one learns much
About one’s friends, and one’s lovers.
One wants to spend time together with one,
But only with this one and no others.

However, one must understand
That one’s friends and one’s lovers
Are in one’s life at only one time
And different times are spent together with others.

In my lifetime, I’ve learned much
About one’s friends, and no other lovers.
I want to spend time together with one,
But only with this one and no other.

However, I do understand
That one’s friends and one’s first lover
Are in one’s life at only one time,
And different times are spent together with others.

In one’s lifetime, one also learns much
And understands one’s friends and lovers,
Even if one cannot have what one wants,
One always remembers one’s first lover.

And in my lifetime, I’ve also learned much;
Always understanding my friends and lovers;
Knowing, right now, I cannot have what I want,
Only remembering my one in a lifetime…
My friend first, and then once-virgin lover.

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