My Graduation From University Poem, “On This Day”

Graduation poem


This poem was written on Saturday, May 29, 1999, for my mother, on the day I graduated from Lakehead University.

I attended LU for five years, after taking four years to complete my high school education.

I went back to school when my son was 7 months old, enrolling in a special program for single mothers.

The reason the poem mentions “nine” years is because I have combined the years I attended school consecutively after my son was born. The picture above shows my mom’s fridge, which still has the poem on it.:)


On this day, I stand proud

For soon my name will be heard aloud,

And my degrees will be presented to me.

On this day, I remember the past nine years,

Including much laughter and many shod tears

And, as I stand here, I look at thee.

On this day, I feel your love and pride

Enveloping me from every side,

And I want you to know how much you mean to me.

On this day, I recall the struggles we’ve endured,

But my unhappiness, you have finally cured,

And now it is time for you to set me free.

On this day, I stand here as a graduate at last,

Making your dreams for me a thing of the past,

And, soon, my dreams will become a reality.

On this day, a new chapter of my life will commence –

One which will be based on goals and common sense,

And I’ll survive just fine, wherever I’ll be.


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