The Quiet Rose (An #Inspirational #Poem about Overcoming Rape)

a rose


Dethorned, she had no voice.

The rape stripped it away.

She had nowhere to turn.

Yet she lived another day.


She spent eight years trying.

She spent eight years dying.

Dethorned, she had no voice.




One day, she found her voice.

It was weak, but present.

Dethorned, she found some strength.


She nurtured herself, too.

And bit by bit, she grew.

She is not quiet now.

She sings loudly, with pride.


She grew a strong backbone.

She does not have to hide.

She has suffered enough.

She dealt with it; it’s done.


Re-thorned, she loves herself.

Re-thorned, her life’s begun.


This poem was originally published on Poetry Perfected. It is based on my true experience of being raped, and overcoming the issues I faced as a result.

Today, it gives me as much strength as the day I wrote it.

If YOU are struggling with similar issues, please read about my life’s journey and how I overcame the obstacles I had.

Also, read From Nope to Hope. This is a book I wrote.

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books of From NOPE to HOPE sitting on steps

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