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Hi. It’s been a while since I’ve been around this website of mine… I know.

You deserve to know the truth as to WHY.

I’ve been busy as all get-out! I’ve also been doing some soul-searching.

True Tales Tuesdays ARE BACK!!!

Yes, that’s right! I’m bringing back True Tales Tuesdays to this site! 🙂

I think that it will be good to keep these up. I know many of my readers truly enjoy these posts.

Plus, I really enjoy writing them. After all, they are about ME! 😉

And I’ve led quite the life… as some of you may know!

(Keep reading… I’ll mention more about some of my experiences in a minute!)

Lorraine Reguly true tales photo

What I Have Been Doing

I have been working more. (Doing freelance work!)


Book cover for It's Not the Cookie, It's the Bag

I also recently helped a blind man publish his second book. I’ll be doing a book review on it later in the year! For now, you can read about it here.

You can also buy it from Selz. If you buy it from Selz, Max gets a higher royalty. 🙂


I am going to be making some changes to this site… incorporating some of my poetry into it.

I write poetry for fun, in my spare time, when I’m inspired.

I currently  have a free site that houses my poetry. However, I no longer like the dashboard or layout. Plus, poetry is a part of my life (a small part), and so I feel like I should include it here. So over the next little while, I will be publishing my poems here. If you’re not a fan of poetry, you don’t have to read them! Plus, having 3 sites instead of 4 will be easier to manage…

I am also going to talk more about my life and my experiences, and use this space like a personal diary, of sorts.

Because weight loss has become an important part of my life (and has been ever since I was diagnosed with diabetes and low thyroid), I have been changing my eating habits and exercising more. (Well, I have been trying to — it’s tough!)

I have lost a total of 60 pounds since last July… almost a year ago! I have 120 more to lose… according to my self-imposed goal. Here are some before and after pics. It’s hard to tell I lost weight, but I swear, I DID!

I was 356 pounds in the first picture.

I am around 298 now.

I want to weigh 175 pounds by next June… June 2017.

Me in June of 2015

selfie taken in April 2016

Because I am on a mission to eat healthier, I won’t be eating things like my 8-layer cake anymore! (Okay, maybe at Christmas I will…)

I’ll probably eat cabbage rolls then, too. 😉

Seeing as how I’ve already published a few of my mom’s recipes. I will likely continue to publish more, too… but healthier ones!!! 😀

I have a really awesome one for a chicken-broccoli-carrot-pasta casserole that I know you will love…

On the Blogging Front

I will be continuing to provide information to bloggers, freelancer, and writers, on WORDING WELL.


I’m Working on Some Books about MY LIFE

I have also decided to publish a series of books about my life.

RAPE DRUGS AND PROSTITUTION – ONE BLOGGER’S JOURNEY TO SUCCESS went over quite well, and people are interested in knowing the nitty-gritty details about what my life was like… especially about the drugs I did and the sex parties I had! 😉

So I have decided to do a series of mini e-books, wherein I share all of the good times and all the bad shit I have been through.

I think this will make for more interesting reading… and writing (on my part). 😉

Blogging is getting a bit boring. 😉

Would YOU be interested in these books? Let me know in the comments!

What do YOU want to know about me?

I’ve already asked a few people about this on Facebook… and I will ask you to respond, too:

What do you want to know MOST about me? Comment with letters A, B, C, D, and/or E.
A. Why I tried to kill myself when I was 15
B. Why I quit teaching to return to prostitution
C. What my life was like when I smoked crack cocaine
D. How I turned my life around to become a freelance writer/editor and legit business owner
E. How I was able to lose 60 pounds in the last 10 months

That’s about it, for now.

I look forward to your reply!

Talk to you soon… in the comments! 🙂

Be sure to use the letters A, B, C, D, and/or E, too (as noted above).

I’ll be able to structure my books better if I know where to put the majority of my focus!!! 🙂


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