Midge, My Tilted Kitty

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Midge, with her head tilted

I will tell you up front that Midge is a cat and not a person.

She and Veronica are the newest additions to my parents’ home. All of the other cats my parents had are now gone. (I honored them all in a cat collage I made my dad for Father’s Day.)

And yes, I’m using this blog today to share my love for Midge.

The way I see it is like this: watching Midge is like watching poetry in motion. (That’s my justification!)

That, and the song I wrote for her. (I’ll get to that in a minute.)

Meet Midge

Midge is my new baby. She and Veronica – along with Princess – actually all belong to my mom and dad, but I’m always at their house, and so I’ve been spending a lot of time with Midge, who I think is the cutest cat ever!

Midge and Veronica were given forever homes at the end of March. On Midge’s first day, we hardly saw her. She was terrified, and ran and hid under one of the beds. The bed actually has drawers built into it below the mattress, and somehow Midge found her way into the drawer. It was only after searching the entire house that it occurred to me to check the drawers. I opened the first one, and *presto* found her curled up in the corner of it! I wish I had my phone with me at that moment. I would’ve snapped a picture of her.

She’s a completely different cat now. She still gets spooked, but she runs around the house like she’s crazy, too. She’s hilarious. She chases tinfoil balls, bats around her catnip toys, and speed-races from the upstairs to downstairs and back. If I didn’t know better, I would swear she was on drugs!

this is an image of Midge the cat, waiting

But she is so darn cute. As you can see from her pictures, she has a beard. Okay, her coloring makes it look like she has a beard. She’s curious as all get-out, and often tilts her head when she encounters something new. Like I said, she’s hilarious to watch.

Midge with a tilted head


Midge has a beauty mark on her nose. It is on her left, your right. Can you see it?


a pic of Midge's beauty mark on her nose

Midge looking tough

Midge in her tunnel enjoying the unplugged life with me

Midge's face

Midge licking ice cream

Me and Midge, cuddling

I think Midge jumped up onto the table one night when we had a few tealight candles burning. I say this because she burned her whiskers above her eye somehow. She may have hit the hot stove though; I’m just not entirely sure. They are really noticeable in this picture:

Me + midge


Now I guess I should post some pics of  Veronica. After all, she lives with Midge, too. 😉

Princess used to, but she died.

Prinnie was the cutest cat with the bluest eyes…

Prinnie's blue eyes

Meet Veronica

Veronica is a sweet, laid-back cat. She doesn’t do much except eat and sleep. That’s when she’s not trying to escape the confines of the house. She’s a little escape artist, I tell you. If you open the door and can’t see her, it’s because she has already made her way outside.

Fortunately, she doesn’t go far. She stops about five feet from the door and rolls around on the ground. She just wants out! She doesn’t really want to leave us; she just wants OUTSIDE. So we got her a harness and a leash and now I am taking her for walks when the weather is nice. My sister lives down the street. We have been to visit her twice so far. Veronica does not like the dog, but sits quietly and waits for me to take her back outside. She walks home without any problem.

She is getting better about going for walks and now knows what I mean when I say, “Who wants to go for a walk?”
She meows in response and walks to the door as soon as I grab the leash. She knows. 🙂

Veronica on chair

Veronica looking cute

Princess was my sister’s cat, originally. She stayed with my mom when my sister moved out, though. Prin was even more laid back that Veronica is. They all love wet food and get it once a week as a treat. They also love cat treats, and get them daily, in addition to their food. It’s how my dad bonds with them.

Remember, I made my dad a cat collage, once. This was after Prinnie had a hole in her leg.

Prinnie has since DIED. We had to put her down November 21, 2014.

Chow time for 3 cats


Prin looking like a baby

Prin on the dresser

Lyrics to “I Love Midge”

Here is the song lyrics for the song I sing to Midge:

I love Midge

Just a smidge

She’s my cute, little girl

Who’s got long

Black and white fur

I love Midge

Just a smidge.

I think, from seeing how many pictures I took of Midge already, you can clearly see I love Midge more than “just a smidge”!!!

How can you NOT love any cat as cute as she is???

It’s kinda hard to believe I’m allergic to cats, isn’t it?

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