The Day Jobs of Famous Writers (A #Writing #Infographic)

The Surprising Day Jobs of 20 Famous Writers

So you want to be a famous writer, huh? Cool.
Don’t quit your day job just yet!
Or do. It’s up to you!

Whatever your job is, don’t worry. You can still become famous.

Here’s proof! Take a look at these surprising day jobs these famous writers had!

(And a big shout-out to The Expert Editor for creating this infographic and allowing me to share it on my site!)

The Jobs of 20 Famous Writers

Being famous in this day and age is not that hard to do, because anyone can publish books and sell them on Amazon, Kobo, Nook, Barnes & Noble, Selz, etc.
The thing is, you have to have an audience. If you have that, you’re golden!
And then you CAN quit your day job, like these famous authors did! 😉


What do you currently do in your day job? Does it pertain to writing?
Do you want to become a famous author?
Before you go…

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