A Special Strength

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image of the poem I wrote that was shared on Facebook

I wrote the following poem during my trip to Toronto

I gave copies of it (the whole page) to a few parents who were staying at RMH (Ronald McDonald House).

I went there after my niece, Sam, lost her eye.

A Poem For YOU

I wrote the following on the page I handed out:

This poem is meant to uplift you. It was written by the sister of one of the RMH guests, who stayed at RMH for two weeks in October 2015 while her niece recovered from chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant. She met many wonderful parents and children while here… including you!

A Special Strength

The struggles I face sometimes seem too much to bear,

But the people who surround me, who really DO care,

Help make things better by giving me might,

Which empowers me as I endure my plight.

The warmth and understanding they extend to me

Makes me feel just a little bit more free.

Their love and generosity truly is heartfelt;

They help me put another day under my belt.

The compassion and closeness helps me feel better inside,

And allows me to face life… instead of wanting to hide.

Though the days are long and plentiful,

Each day is filled with light,

And deep in my heart I’m filled with hope

That things will turn out all right.


My Trip to Toronto Gave Me Strength

And do drop by Wording Well to see a TON of pics I took while I was in Toronto!!!

While there I met Kerry, a blind author/blogger whom I have gotten to know quite well over the past year or so… from the interview with a blind woman, and then from staying in touch online. She gave me an autographed copy of the anthology she contributed to (which I reviewed on Laying It Out There) and I even dined with her!!!

I also met another writer, Glenda MacDonald, at our meeting.

Be sure to read about my experience with these lovely ladies!

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