Who am I… Really?

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Lorraine Reguly head shot


Who am I… really?

as I struggle with my identity

I am confused

I want to be free

I want to be me

I want to see


Who am I… really?

a writer

a mother

a sister

a daughter

a lover

a wordster

a prankster?

a fighter

a right-er

a wronged one

who can i be?

an author?

a loser?

a mentor?

a poser?

Who am I… really?

a prostitute

a drug addict

a rape victim

a teacher

a student

a preacher?

who are you?

are you better?

are you loving and caring?

I am.

and I’m strong.

I’m alive.

I’m NOT wrong.

I am ME.


I write to be me.


I write to be free.

I cannot see

the point in pretending

to be someone NOT me.


I write to see.

I write to be ME.

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