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 Nail polish rack at Victoria's house.

I first met Victoria at bingo about two months ago. She’s young enough to be my daughter, but is now my bingo buddy and friend.

She has a love for nail design, and is on Instagram, showcasing her talents. But her story is a tragic one, as she lost both of her parents within a few months of one another, two years ago, when she was only nineteen. Her brother was seventeen at the time.

She now has two children, is married, and is moving her life forward, trying to be the best mom and wife she can be.

Tomorrow is going to be a hard day for her, though, as her mother, Leslie, passed on from this world on May 23, 2012. Her father, John, passed away in August, less than a mere three months later.

To show my compassion and sympathy for her, I wrote her a poem.

I hope she likes it, and I hope it offers her some comfort. I also wish I was able to meet Leslie and John.

For Victoria

For – and to – Leslie and John

Two lives were changed two years ago –

Victoria’s and Eric’s, as you well know.

Your two beautiful children, not quite adults yet,

Were forced to deal with failing health, emotion, loss, and death.

Tough it was, and still is, because they loved you so much,

Now all they have are memories, guided by your loving touch.

But, as each day that passes, they become a bit stronger

Even though they wish you were with them a bit longer.

But even though you’re both gone, your spirits remain

And, upon your children – over them – your teachings reign.

They also remember your good cooking, your sarcastic wit and your storytelling ways;

And they will always, for the rest of their days.

Disease and poor health are hard to cope with, but dealing with death is even harder to endure.

And even though you’ve been gone from the earth for two years, one thing is sure:

You were both loved immensely by your daughter and son,

And they miss you tremendously, even when they are having fun.

Two lives were changed two years ago,

And today you are missed more than you’ll ever know.

I wish you were both here to see

How, today, we honour your memory.

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