My Many Lives (A Former Prostitute Speaks Out)

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I used to be a hooker. It’s true.

And a rape victim.

And a drug addict.

Not anymore!

I’m now a successful freelance writer, editor, and blogger. I have clients. (Yes, clients. Plural.) 😉

So my day now begins with reading aloud some positive affirmations, having a cup of tea, turning on my laptop, and working on my new business, which I absolutely LOVE.

It never used to be this way.

My days (okay, evenings) once began by me getting all dressed up, doing drugs, and prostituting myself.

What a change!

(By the way, I have done two podcasts about my life, what I endured, etc. You can find one in Authors Talk About It and another at Join Up Dots.)

What I Like About My New Life

There are many things I love about my life… now.

I like:

  • being a respected professional
  • being a person of authority
  • spending my time doing things I love (writing, editing, blogging, and helping others)
  • earning money legitimately
  • connecting with others
  • assisting others with their websites and their writing and editing projects

What I Hated About My Old Life

Yeah, “hate” is a strong word. I don’t use it loosely, either.

There were several things about my old life that I hated:

  • being disrespected by many people (including people who would drive by, hurling both insults and inanimate objects at me)
  • being depressed and suicidal
  • being hated by my son
  • standing outside in freezing cold weather
  • waiting… the constant waiting for someone to pick me up… and use me
  • getting dirty looks
  • my entire life, basically!

What I Miss About My Old Life

I miss:

  • the compliments I used to get about how pretty I am
  • having fun with young, sexy, muscular guys (c’mon, who wouldn’t miss that!)
  • the piles of money I earned

I Own All My Lives

Yes, I have guts. I’ve faced my inner demons. And I’ve risen above the negativity I used to feel.

I’m now, in a weird way, actually proud of myself. I can admit what I’ve done, openly and honestly.

And not be hated for being me.

Admitting that my past is colourful has helped me heal. It’s also helped me be remembered as a unique person. I’m proud of myself for that.

Best of all, my life story is helping others.

People are talking about issues mentioned in Risky Issues, my book of short stories that brings to light many issues faced by children, teens, and even adults: identity, drugs, abuse, death and friendship.

They’re also talking about me in a positive light. I’m now viewed as inspirational! What a feeling that is! 🙂

I have to say, I’m proud of how far I’ve come, and I’m happy that I can now own my past lives easily. Well, easier than I could before, at least.

Bloggers are now seeking my expert opinion, I’m being featured in others’ posts alongside some pretty famous bloggers, my business is thriving, I have many online friends (some in high places!), the library and at least one bookstore in my town wants to carry my books (mine and one I contributed to), and I”m happy again.

In addition, my son and my family respect me again.

What more could I ask for? 😉

A day in my old life? No way. Not now. Not ever again. I like my new life too much. 😀




6 thoughts on “My Many Lives (A Former Prostitute Speaks Out)

    1. Lorraine Post author

      Thanks, Michelle. I much prefer this one to the other lives I’ve led. Although, I have to say, sometimes teaching wasn’t so bad. 😉

      I taught high school for about 3.5 years. (And I survived! LOL)

  1. Shamsudeen

    Hi Lorraine,

    This is something very special for me to read, I respect your courage to give others a chance to learn from your past…’s rare.

    Keep up the new good life you’ve found…..


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