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BookVetter is a fairly new site for authors, aspiring writers, and book review bloggers, and I learned about this site through one of my LinkedIn connections, Marc Brackett. He’s the owner of BookVetter.

According to Marc Brackett:

Bookvetter is a filter that enables a connection between authors and book review bloggers. With so many books on the market and our time being limited yet, we need a credible means of sorting books for quality and then making the right audience aware of these books.

As an author when you submit a book for review on Bookvetter (this links to the infographic of the process), you receive honest and unbiased feedback. There’s no threat of review trading or review reprisals, it’s the content of your book that is being measured not your connections. At the same time the objective is to also develop authors and help them write better books versus shaming them.

As a book review blogger you receive access to books that have survived anonymous author peer review. The number of books that survive this process are exceptional and worthy of a large audience. In addition Bookvetter also provides a review request form that can be added to blogs and websites that will filter review requests and help automate the process for reviewers so they spend less time dealing with paperwork. This infographic might help you understand the Bookvetter Reviewer Process better.

For the time being Bookvetter is free. We are still testing the theory that authors can accurately filter the content being reviewed and that book review bloggers are the most effective means of reaching a larger audience that will be willing to pay for these books. Our end objective is to create a community that reduces the amount of time authors have to spend on self-promotion and provides a better connection with readers who will appreciate the books being written.

We are currently still building all the needed features and using member feedback to create a community that fits the needs of all the parties involved. If our theory is proven correct and provides value to authors, at some point in the future we will need to charge a small fee when an author goes to submit a book for review. As the work is provided by a community this fee can be very small, somewhere between $5-20 per book. Book review bloggers, book clubs, or libraries will never be charged anything, only authors who are seeking a financial return on their work.

We are new, still learning, and needing members who are willing to grow with us and create something of lasting value.


I’m also pleased to announce that I am one of the editors listed on BookVetter!

Please read My Editing Recommendations from BookVetter for more information.

Other BookVetter Endorsements

Indies Unlimted also wrote about BookVetter. If they write about something, you know it’s gotta be good.

Just sayin’. 😉


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