Two Recipes for YOU + Why I’ve Been Offline (Hint: My Mom Broke Her Arm)

Mom's arm from the front

I’ve been offline for over a month, and it’s all my mom’s fault!

(Well, I have to blame someone… right?)

It’s true, in this case, though, because my mom fell and broke her arm.

My Mom Broke Her Arm

She hurt herself quite badly, and needed to go to the hospital to learn that she broke her left humerous (upper arm bone).

The image of her X-ray (below) clearly shows the broken bone. (The arrows indicate where it’s broken.)

Because she happens to be left-handed, she needed a lot of help in doing basic things. She still needs help, and will for a while, but she is now at least starting to heal.

The bruising is finally dimishing, too.

Mom's x-ray


Mom's arm from the back

Mom's bruised elbow

It’s My Mom’s Own Darn Fault

Why did my mom fall? Because she didn’t listen to me.

I told her to get a handrail installed. Did she listen? No!

So now… she’s been suffering. (And, in a way, I am, too…)

I’ve had to take some time off as a result. To help her, of course, and my dad, too, as he doesn’t do much around the house.

So… someone has to be the responsible one. Guess who that someone is?

Yep. Me!

I’ve had to do a lot of things for my parents the past one-and-a-half months.

The first thing I did was install handrails on her stairs… even though she fell outside. (She needed the support to go up and down the stairs.) I did this with the help of my son.

Mom's stairs with the new railings

Oh, the Things I’ve Done…

I’ve done many things (and am still continuing to do most of them), including:

1) Cooking meals (not so bad, as I am becoming a MUCH better cook!)

2) Doing the dishes (also not so bad, as I did them half the time anyway…)

3) Changing the garbages

4) Cleaning the cats’ litter box

5) Washing my mom’s hair

6) Giving my mom sponge baths (…What a glorious life I lead!)

7) Wiping my mom’s butt (Thankfully she is not in as much pain and can do this herself now!)

8) Taking her to her physiotherapy appointments

9) Taking her to the Fracture Clinic appointments

10) Doing the grocery shopping

11) Doing whatever else she needs done.

I’m Learning Her Cooking Secrets!!!

The good thing about this tragedy is that I’m learning my mom’s cooking secrets, which I wanted to do before she died. (I know that sounds a bit morbid, but it’s the truth.)

I even prepared Christmas dinner!

In my family, we always have a feast.

This year, instead of a turkey, however, we had chicken. (More people like chicken, anyway.)

But I made cabbage rolls for the first time! (Get the recipe for THE BEST Cabbage Rolls EVER right here!)

And I made stuffing.

And homemade perogies.

And glazed carrots.

And sunshine salad (made with marshmallows, sour cream, pineapple and mandarin oranges).

And devilled eggs.

I even put together an olive-and-pickle plate.

And made two different types of baking for dessert, including my mom’s famous 8-layer cake! (Get the recipe for my sweet 8-layer cake right here.)


Christmas dinner

Devilled eggs and pickle plate

Christmas baking

We Went Shopping for a Power Lift Chair

After seeing the commercials for Leon’s and their big Boxing Day Sale (that lasted until January 5, 2016), I convinced my mom to go to their showroom to check out their recliners.

She has been wanting a new chair for a while, and so I took my mom to “test-drive” a few.

She decided upon a really comfortable one, shown in the picture below.

We’re currently waiting for the shipment to come in, and have put a down-payment on it already.

My Mom testing out a new power lift chair

What’s Next?

My mom has to continue her physiotherapy for a while, and is still under the care of a specialist from the Fracture Clinic.

I suspect that she will need a few more X-rays to be sure that she’s healed properly from the break,

In the meantime, she’s starting to feel better and is having less pain. I will still be helping her, but I’ve decided my hiatus from being online is over.

Time to get back to work! (You all know that I’m a freelancer, right?! Hire me here…)

30 Days to Freelancing Success? Yes!

FYI, the one thing I love about freelancing is the ability to set my OWN hours!

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If you want to talk to me, speak your mind and/or ask me questions in the comments!





14 thoughts on “Two Recipes for YOU + Why I’ve Been Offline (Hint: My Mom Broke Her Arm)

  1. Lyn Alexander

    Lorraine – this from a veterinarian. Don’t let your Mom be in a hurry to heal. All bones will take at least six weeks to knit. No stress no strain – don’t ruin a good job.
    I’m sure the doctor told her that.

    1. Lorraine Post author

      Yes, Lyn, I know it’s going to take her double the amount (or perhaps even triple) of time to heal. She is 69, after all!

      Thanks for your comment, and your concern. 🙂

  2. Philip Verghese 'Ariel'

    Hi Lorraine,
    Glad to note that you are back!
    Good to know about the progress of your Mum.
    Oh my the recipes surely try and will come back to you.
    Keep sharing.
    Have a great time of sharing and caring.
    Lot of things to do along with extending a helping hand to Mum.
    T C

  3. Michelle James

    Oh my goodness! You have been one busy lady, and your mom is lucky to have you. I broke my humorous in three places a few years back. It’s very painful (especially since I am allergic to all pain med). I wish your mother continued improvement. Make sure she continues her exercises, even if painful. They told me I’d never be able to raise my arm again, but through exercise I have regained nearly 100% movement. Best wishes to you. You are a wonderful daughter to take care of your mom.

    1. Lorraine Post author

      Michelle, I love my mom more than anyone else in this world, I think, so of course I am going to make sure she’s okay.

      How long did it take you for you to regain the strength in your arm?

  4. Nida Sea

    Wow, Lorraine!

    Sorry to hear about your mother’s accident. It’s good to see you back online and active again. On the other hand, the food you made looks delicious! I’m definitely trying the cabbage roll recipe!

    1. Lorraine Reguly Post author

      Imran, my mom is doing very well now! She has regained full usage of her arm, although she is not as strong as she was before.

      But she is 70 years old now, so, really, what can one expect?

      I’m fine also. 🙂 Thanks for your concern.


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