A Friend In Pain

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When you see your friend is in pain

due to the loss of a loved one,

Do you share your feelings with her?

Or do you write her a poem?

Sometimes mere words are not enough

to show someone how much you care.

Sometimes you have to go to lengths

beyond words, and let actions flare.

Swear, scream out loud, cry a few tears,

pound your fist, and declare “UNFAIR!”

Cry more, hit the wall, yell again,

fall to the floor, curl up and glare.

Rage and sadness, coupled with pain

will only destroy all the good things

you’ve both worked so hard to achieve

and now you want to give her wings

so she can soar on her own, strong

again, so that she can believe…

though she suffers inside,

you want her to be her old self;

you don’t want to withdraw or hide.

Is knowing you care enough for her?

Can she feel your heart ache, too?

Does she know you’re in pain also?

Will she ever stop feeling blue?

Sometimes a friend is all she needs

to get stronger every day…

Sometimes knowing you’re sad as well

gives her strength to go on her way.

Death, loss, lack of life, lives in us;

She is not always alone…

We all have someone whom we lost;

We all hurt somehow, though we’ve grown.

We’ve all had to feel this way,

at some time or another.

Sadly, death is a part of life.

Whether niece, nephew, son, daughter

Aunt, uncle, sister, or brother,

mom, dad, child, husband, or wife…

Or a friend; a friend ’til the end…

A best friend.  A lover. A life.


Sometimes I don’t write poetry. I feel it.

Today, a friend (another blogger — she knows who she is) was in pain, and I was inspired. I wanted to help her. Somehow, some way.

I don’t know if I did, but I sure hope what I wrote helped…

The tear in my eye says it did.

I hope I’m not wrong.

And I hope she likes my little gesture.

4 thoughts on “A Friend In Pain

    1. Lorraine Reguly Post author

      I am glad you liked it. Thank you for reading it.

      I hope your pain lessens over time. I wish I could simply and magically take it away.

      Again, I am so sorry for your loss.

      Try to take comfort in the fact that you still have a lot of people who love you around!


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