Teacher-prostitute tells all in a podcast interview!



It’s official. My podcast interview with David Ralph is live on Join Up Dots, and I cannot believe I opened up SO MUCH to him.

In the podcast interview, I mention:

  • that I quit school four times
  • that I was raped
  • why I thought it was my fault (19:01)
  • when I sought counselling (19:27)
  • that I turned to drugs and prostitution
  • how I was pushed out of a vehicle into the pavement by one of my “clients” (at 11:53)
  • that I got pregnant twice and had one abortion
  • that I brought my rapist to court (23:33)
  • that I gave my son to my friend to foster for a year (29:51)
  • why I got in trouble as a teacher for smoking a cigarette (28:01)
  • that I quit teaching to return to prostitution because the money was better (begins at 30:52, ends at 33:07)
  • why I’m a stronger person after taking so many “hits” (33:13)
  • how my gambling addiction hurt my son and me
  • how and why I lost contact with my son for three years (41:52)
  • how I nearly died
  • what my big turning point was (42:12 – 47:35)
  • that I re-connected with my son
  • how re-uniting with my son changed my life
  • why life is not always about money (52:50)
  • the biggest compliment my son ever gave me (52:01)
  • how I became an author and entrepreneur

… and so much more, including the powerful piece of poetry that I wrote, which I recite at 103:53.



The podcast I did with Dr. Janelle was published on Authors Talk About It.

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Sermon on the Mike Gives Good Advice

The title of the podcast interview is called LORRAINE REGULY: FROM HELL & BACK FOUR TIMES and I’d love for you to listen to it, not only to get to know me better, but also to help pass along my message, which occurs near the end of the show, at 100:07, which marks the part of the podcast where the “Sermon on the Mike” occurs.

My message is not just for my younger self, but for anyone who has been raped.

Please check it out!

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How I Pass On My Message

I use my book, Risky Issues, to help pass on my motivational message.

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