A Collection of 4 Poems I Wrote (Collection #2)

 A Collection of Poems I Wrote (Collection #2)

This collection is a collection of 4 poems that I wrote for members of my family, for some particular occasion or other.

These poems differ greatly from the 14 poems I wrote for this collection.

My Graduation Poem for my mom

1. My Graduation from University Poem, “On This Day”

*This poem was written on Saturday, May 29, 1999, for my mother, on the day I graduated from Lakehead University. I attended LU for five years, after taking four years to complete my high school education. I went back to school when my son was 7 months old, enrolling in a special program for single mothers. The reason the poem mentions “nine” years is because I have combined the years I attended school consecutively after my son was born. The picture above shows my mom’s fridge, which still has the poem on it.


On this day, I stand proud

For soon my name will be heard aloud,

And my degrees will be presented to me.

On this day, I remember the past nine years,

Including much laughter and many shod tears,

And, as I stand here, I look at thee.

On this day, I feel your love and pride

Enveloping me from every side,

And I want you to know how much you mean to me.

On this day, I recall the struggles we’ve endured,

But my unhappiness, you have finally cured,

And now it is time for you to set me free.

On this day, I stand here as a graduate at last,

Making your dreams for me a thing of the past,

And, soon, my dreams will become a reality.

On this day, a new chapter of my life will commence –

One which will be based on goals and common sense,

And I’ll survive just fine, wherever I’ll be.

The cake I made for my parents' 44th anniversary

2. On 44 Years of Marriage

*On July 12, 2013, my whole family got together and took my parents out for dinner for their 44th wedding anniversary. We then all went to their house and had cake and ice-cream. I wrote a poem for them, too.

Here it is:

Not too many people’s parents stay together for 44 years of marriage
– most guys split when they see a baby carriage!
But Dad loved you, Mom, and wanted a family,
And he chose you, of all women, to marry.

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