Steps I Took To Self-Publish My Book

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Ebook Cover - Risky Issues by Lorraine Reguly
I set my mind toward self-publishing a book of short stories. I attained this goal on July 1, 2014.
 Today I’m going to share the steps I followed with you, so that you may do the same. I will warn you, though: there is a lot of work involved to self-publishing and being an author in today’s world involves more than simply writing!

Doing things in the correct order is important.

Once I found out about self-publishing, here are the steps that I took (note that this is an excerpt from the post in which I was interviewed):
*asked my blog readers if they would like to read some short stories (“Yes, bring them on!”)
*bought Word 2013 for my laptop
*typed in my short stories
*found beta readers (including you)
*edited my stories using their feedback
*sought guidance from Sue and Joel Caulfield about where and how to publish my book
*kept doing my research and read a ton of blog posts about self-publishing until I was convinced it was something I’d like to try
*tried to get a cover created – and went through a few designers
*finally found one to create one for a reasonable fee
*applied for an ISBN (free for me, because I live in Canada and am Canadian)
*tried to format my manuscript for Amazon
*sought help in an indie author Facebook group
*received formatting assistance from Rich Meyer, who put the finishing touches on it
*uploaded it to Amazon
*realized there was one tiny error, tried to fix it and did, then uploaded a new file
*wondered if I needed a new ISBN number because it was a new file (YES)
*added my poem to the ebook in such a way that I didn’t have to mess around with more formatting
*obtained a new ISBN for it, added it to the file, and then uploaded it to Amazon for the third and final time
I also added it to Goodreads and have plans to add it to Smashwords once it’s formatted for them (the formatting is different there).
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