Demystifying Amazon Rankings (+ Sharing Some Book Promo Strategies I’m Using)

Last Updated : Tuesday, November 1, 2016   What does it mean to be #1 on Amazon? What if you are ranked as #113,490? Is that good or bad? Today I’m going to demystify Amazon rankings for you as well as inform you of some of my book promotional strategies I’m using… even though I’m … Read more

My First Interview!

Last Updated : Monday, July 21, 2014 I’m pleased to say that my mentor, Melissa Bowersock (who informed me about self-publishing in a tell-all interview) has interviewed me! I also joined two new places online: Find me on Shelfari. Find me on Librarything. Oh, and now you can buy Risky Issues  – in the USA , in  Australia, in the United … Read more