November Sucked. Here’s Why. Prinnie Died.

This is a True Tales Tuesday post.

This is a picture of Prinnie's blue eyes.

Yes, November sucked. For more reasons than I care to admit.

Here is a brief run-down of what I’ve had to endure:

  • On the 2nd, my father was assaulted and robbed. He’s 73. I don’t want to talk about this any further; it’s too difficult.


  • Throughout the month, I was still getting over a cold. My illness caused me to complete an important editing project approximately one week past the date I had originally set. Thankfully my client, Maxwell Ivey, understood. Max is also a friend and fellow blogger, too. Oh, and he’s blind. In fact, he’s the blind man I interviewed in March 2014. His e-book, Leading You Out of the Darkness Into the Light, is completely edited, perfectly, and is for sale! He’s also offering a coaching/e-book package, too, for those who need a little push in the right direction. Of course, there is a 30-minute freebie involved for you as well!


  • Throughout the month, I also took care of Princess (a.k.a. Prin or Prinnie), a 19-year-old cat. She has been suffering from old age and kidney failure for some time, and the last few weeks were filled with cleaning up diarrhea and vomit. Ugh. Finally, an appointment was made to put her down. I went with my sister to the vet on November 21st. We both shed a lot of tears as we bid our precious Prinnie good-bye. Sad, sad, sad. I had nursed Prinnie back to health several times throughout the past few years, including the time she had a hole in her leg. I took (and am taking) her death hard. I loved that cat!


A Letter from Prinnie

To cope with Prinnie’s death, I wrote my sister a letter. Well, Prinnie wrote it. (Hey, if Jake and his sisters can write, so can Prin!)

Here it is:


Dearest Mommy Janice:
Thank you for taking me to the vet the other day. I know it was a hard trip for you and Lorraine to make.

I really appreciated the warmed-up vehicle that took us there, even though the ride was a bit rocky at the beginning. It was nice to have such caring people with me at the end, too. I sure loved the tender strokes, although I didn’t like it when Lorraine pointed out how dirty my fur had become. However, I was glad that I didn’t have to endure another bath this past week.
You know, it wasn’t my fault that I became so sick. I was pretty old, after all, and it was too difficult to control my bladder and kidneys anymore. I hated that so much that I often puked. I know Auntie Rain didn’t like cleaning up after me, but she never yelled at me. Instead, she soothed me, and spoke softly to me in a compassionate voice.
She really loved me and took good care of me the last few years. I really enjoyed cuddling with her while she read her books in bed. She even shared her pillow with me, you know! But then, one day, my bones began to hurt and it wasn’t too comfy to be nestled in her arms anymore.
She took the hint, eventually, ‘cause I started to growl at her. I was happy when Midge and Veronica came to live with us ‘cause then Midge became her cuddle buddy. But that dumb cat always wanted me to play with her, and she drove me crazy. Good thing Lorraine looked out for me, fending Midge off on my behalf. You know me, Mom, I’m a lover, not a fighter!
Plus, Midge is too young to comprehend what old cats like me feel. She’s very playful but I just like to be left alone. Unless there’s some good, human food to eat, of course! I must admit, I was fed very well. Steak, crab, liver, lobster, pork chops, hamburger, peas, corn, tuna, salmon, and chicken were given to me willingly by everyone.
Well, chicken and turkey were cut from my diet the last year, ‘cause I used to leak poop all over. I guess that’s why I knew something was up when Lorraine let me have as much chicken as I wanted before you came for us. Plus, Lorraine had told me several times this past week how I was going to go “buh-bye,” like Pounce, Neebs, Hootie, Zorro, Swiper, Jacoby, and Blackie did. Yep, she prepared, and I was happy she did. I missed Pounce! Now I’m with him again, and we can now be together forever. Thanks, Mom; you’re the best!
You guys miss me, I know, but you’ll always remember me. I was the most laid-back cat there ever was, and I had the prettiest blue eyes, too, right? I liked to take my time with things, and was never in any rush to make a decision. Except to give someone “the paw,” of course, when I felt I was being ignored.
But, hey, I usually got what I wanted so it’s all good. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you – Pounce says “Hi.” He misses you, but he wants you to know he’s happier now. He’s been waiting for me, Mom, and he’s pleased that the person who found him was there with me at the end. I liked that Auntie encouraged me to go see Pounce, too, and that you both petted me and ME relaxed enough – that you got me into the “zone.” I did that lots of times for Auntie, you know, when she wanted to go to sleep.
The best part was that you two didn’t leave me just as I drifted off. I used to do that to Auntie Rain. I know you’re thinking that I couldn’t wait to get away from her! But that’s just not true. I just wanted to have my own space.

I love that you both cared about me enough to give me a proper send-off. I tried showing you my appreciation by purring so much – and not ceasing to purr – until the very last possible second. The only thing that would have made things better is if you guys weren’t so full of tears. But I know the crying was to be expected… you guys love me and it’s just something you humans do when you’re sad. But you don’t have to feel sad, Mommy Jan, because, like I said, I’m with Pouncie now, again.
And I’ll sure appreciate being remembered again in the spring when you bury my ashes in the same spot Pounce’s body was buried. But, honestly, Mom, we’re already together in kitty heaven, and it’s great!
You should see all the stuff we get to do here! We have tons of mice to chase, play with, and eat, lots of treats at our disposal, excellent meals, warmth, no pain, comfy furniture, blankets, and pillows, and all our friends are here too. Plus, we have new friends, and everyone’s happy, happy, happy. Lots of purring going on, Mom! And as much privacy as we want. Heaven is great!
So I just wanted to write this note to you to let you know you did the right thing – scratch that – ALL the right things. I couldn’t have asked for a better send-off. Yeah, I’ll miss you and Taryn… and everyone else… but I have my memories, too.
Let everyone know I’m OK. And tell everyone I love them and will remember them too.
Okay, Mommy Jan, I gotta go now. Pounce is calling! Something about a purr-fect family reunion feast…
Love you so much!

Your baby,
(Princess Jasmine)

*paw print*

I often do something creative when it comes to pets. I put together a post about Midge (my tilted kitty), I made a cat collage for my Dad for Father’s Day, and I just finished assembling this Slideshare presentation for my sister. Prinnie and Pounce were her first two cats. Pounce passed away many years ago, but Prinnie hung on for many more.


  • In addition to dealing with death, I’ve been dealing with some personal female heath problems. I could elaborate, but, trust me, you don’t want me to.
  • The final reason November sucked is because I was not able to make much progress on Letters to Julian. I now have no idea of when it’ll be published… if ever…


But they say life goes on, and so I’m now trying to put all of the pieces of my life back together again.


18 thoughts on “November Sucked. Here’s Why. Prinnie Died.

  1. Jo Ann Plante

    So sorry to hear about all of your difficulties in November. I think you are a very strong person. I enjoyed reading the letter written by Prinnie. Only you would dig deep into yourself and create such a beautiful letter from your cat’s point of view. Prinnie is in a better place, although I’m sure you’d rather have her in your arms. You will get through all of this.

    1. lorraine Post author

      Jo Ann, thank you for your lovely sentiments. They are very much appreciated. I’m sure I’ll become my old, strong self… eventually.

      I’m glad you liked the letter. I was very happy that my sister allowed me to use it in this post, and even happier that I was able to be there to bid Prinnie farewell.

  2. Linda Lee Williams

    Lorraine, I couldn’t help shedding a few tears when I read your post. I know firsthand the pain of losing a beloved animal companion–in essence, a member of the family. My heartfelt condolences. Prinnie had beautiful blue eyes, didn’t she? I have no doubt she’ll be waiting for you at The Rainbow Bridge…

    In regard to your poor father–well, it’s just too horrible for words! I hope that he’s okay. Sorry that you’ve been sick and that November was hardly the “month of thanksgiving” for you and your family.

    Wishing you peace and blessings,

    1. lorraine Post author

      Linda, I didn’t mean to make you cry! Sorry!

      It’s definitely hard when you lose a loved one, whether family member or pet. Of course, I think it’s harder when you lose an actual person, but in many cases pets are considered members of the family, too. They are like our children!

      My dad is doing much better.

      It’s a good thing Canadian Thanksgiving happened in October. 😉

      Thank you for your comment, Linda. It’s nice to know that someone is reading my posts on this blog, and I appreciate hearing from those who do.

      By the way, your name has been entered into the draw to win some free editing from yours truly. I’m not sure you know about this offer, but you can read about it at and perhaps even tell your writer friends about it, too! (*she says, trying to drum up some business*)

  3. maxwell ivey

    hey lorraine; thanks for sharing with us. its sad that you had all these things happen to you especially in such a short period of time. when reading your letter i thought about dean kountz book about his dog trixy. trixy has lots of life lessons for her humans that she had to leave behind. my favorite was best thing in world is chasing cats worst thing in world is catching them because cats claw and scratch and you get to go to a doctor and get stitches or bandages and your humans will laugh at you. earlier tonight my penny was so full of pizza scraps that she tried to reach one by stretching her jaw and grabbing with her teeth. when she realized sh couldn’t reach it without getting up she made a face and then forgot about the piece of crust and went to sleep. well take care my friend. xoxo max ps thanks for the book and coaching mention ops you are the best was happy to recommend you for other editing jobs

    1. lorraine Post author

      Max, thank you so much for your kind words. It’s nice to know that I can provoke good memories in others through my own memories. That is a lovely compliment. 🙂

      I appreciate the recommendations, too. But I think you know that already. 😉

  4. Alicia Rades

    I have to agree with Jo Ann. You’re a very strong person, Lorraine. I like that you share your stories like this. They’re inspiring, and you have a great voice in your writing. Keep smiling! Things can only look up, right?

    1. lorraine Post author

      Yes, Alicia, you have a point there. I doubt that things can get worse! I’ll keep my chin up. 🙂 Thanks for the compliments! They help!

  5. James

    Hi Lorraine,

    Its clear for all to see that you love your cat dearly; accept my deepest condolences, but life goes on.

    As for the bastards that disturbed your dad, don’t worry, they will never go unpunished, trust me..its the law of karma.


    1. lorraine Post author

      James, thanks for your kind words. Indeed, I loved Prinnie a lot!

      I agree with you on the other issue. Karma, as they say, is “a bitch.” 😉 I know they will get theirs, someday.

      I’m feeling better now, thankfully. The worst of the grieving is over, and now I am looking forward to Christmas. Plus, I’m staying busy, which is helping my productivity level as well as my self-esteem.

      I sure appreciate that you took the time to comment, James. Thank you. 🙂

  6. Kat

    Just wanted to tell you two things. One, that letter above made me tear up. It brought back memories of the many beautiful pets I have had, and how heart-wrenching it is to let them go, especially when it has to be your choice.

    Two, I thought I should tell you that on your home page, the rotating item at the top with the ads, I think they are called sliders, acts a bit wonky. I was reading a couple of your articles on that page, and that item constantly re-sizes and moves the items and text on the page, and makes it really hard to keep reading things. While reading, after going crazy readjusting the scroll a lot, I realized that it would be easier to just click to the individual article and then read. But I thought you would like to know this. I believe there is a way to adjust so that an item on your page takes up a static amount of space no matter what.

    Nevertheless, good reads, and though this comment comes late to the original post, my sentiments are heartfelt in saying that my condolences go out to you.

    All my best,
    Kat :@

    1. lorraine Post author

      Kat, I didn’t mean to make you cry with my letter from Prinnie! 🙁 Sorry!

      Thanks for telling me about the slider issue. I’m aware of it already, and I’m also aware of my menu bar NOT working on mobile devices (phones), and so I plan on changing the theme of my blog SOON!

      Thanks for the condolences, and for speaking up. I appreciate both! 🙂

      1. Kat

        You are very welcome! And as for my tearing up, that’s quite okay. Nothing wrong with memories, even if they are bittersweet…just part of being alive, right?! =) I can think of my own fluffy family members gone now, and both smile and cry…it’s just how it will always be. But I have three now who fill my heart with new memories, and keep me smiling.

        1. lorraine Post author

          Hi Kat. Midge is keeping me happy these days, so I get how you feel. 🙂 Good thing we can always get more pets, huh? 😉

          1. Kat

            P.S. I like what you did with the site. =) Are you including dates with the article name or did I miss something? It is the only thing that seems to be missing for me. Otherwise, really like what you did with the tabs and all.

            Also, I read more articles and wanted to say sorry to hear what happened to your mother. This stood out for me because I recall too many a trips to the hospital with my mother, in her lifetime. I commiserate and my heart goes out…and I hope she is better now.

          2. lorraine Post author

            Kat, I’ve altered the site quite a bit. I’m glad you like it. I’ve still got a bit more work ahead of me, but it’ll come… all in good time. 🙂

            My mom’s doing a bit better now, too. Thanks for your concern, and sorry about your mom.

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