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Hi. My name is Lorraine Reguly.

I’m an author, a certified English teacher, an editor, and the woman behind Wording Well.

I have been a certified high school English teacher since 1999, and a Canadian-based freelancer since 2013.

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I offer 4 different services on Wording Well:

I love writing and am pursuing a second career as an author.

So far, I have been a contributor to two anthologies.

My book of short stories, Risky Issues, is now available!

It’s being sold on Amazon (in e-book version) and on CreateSpace (in a print version).

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About Risky Issues

As I mentioned in What the Stories in Risky Issues are Aboutthe stories in Risky Issues bring to light many issues faced by children, teenagers, and even adults. 

The first story, The Secrets of the Study, is about a girl who enters her father’s study to get some blank printer paper but instead finds papers that reveal she is adopted. To compound things, her father catches her…

The second story, Pamela in the Park, is about a teenage girl who is out past curfew and is supposed to meet a temperamental drug dealer in the park to give him back some drugs she was holding for him. He doesn’t show up, but a policeman does…

The third story, The Day Adam Saw Red, is about sexual abuse. Adam, a victim, gives a speech to his class about this topic, and then goes outside to sit under an oak tree to ponder his dire situation, as his speech was a masked cry for help. He is befriended by the school custodian, who is thought to be “creepy” but who takes the time to speak to him to help solve his problem…

In the final story, My Best Friend, a young girl finds out that her Grandma’s dog died. She thinks of Snoopy as her own, and is devastated…

Risky Issues is now available for purchase, on Amazon and Google Play/Google Books.  Let me know what you think of it by writing a review!

Stories I’ve Written

The story I wrote about my best friend is a true story that I contributed to a memoir anthology.

In fact, this anthology contains two stories of mine.

How I Nearly Died  also became a part of What’s Your Story?: 2013 Memoir Anthology. You can read all about this publishing experience in True Tale “How I Nearly Died” is Part of a Memoir Anthology.

What's Your Story? 2013 Memoir Anthology book cover

I also won a short story writing contest! My winning story is revealed in My Short Story “Firs and Angels” Won the Contest I Entered! The Aspiring Writers 2013 Anthology is available now from Amazon and CreateSpace.

Aspiring Writers 2013 Anthology book cover

My Current Writing Projects

I’m now working on Letters to Julian, which I hope to release by the end of 2017.

I’m also working on a book about my life. It’s still in development, but will be a tell-all novel about my sordid experiences. These include being raped when I was a virgin, how I turned to drugs to cope with the devastation, how I got involved in prostitution and gambling, how I faced discrimination as a result of being the single mom of a half-Spanish son, how I dealt with my suicidal thoughts, and more. Of course, it will also relate the good times I’ve had, and what I’ve learned as a result of these vast experiences.

Ever since my life-changing experience, I’ve decided to embrace all life has to offer. I reconnected with my son, thought about my future, and jumped into the online world with both feet!

Learning is a part of life, regardless of how old we get. It’s a process. It takes time.

Then again, most things worth having in this life DO.

This is a picture of me, Lorraine Reguly.

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