FOR #MeToo SURVIVORS: A Powerful #Poem of Strength + Inspiration


We give our past the power to define us.
We think it is our past that is to blame.
Our young, naive minds twist our thoughts radically,
Never allowing us to be the same.

Our guilt gnaws at us, gnaws at our souls every day,
It makes us think it’s our fault and that there will be hell to pay.

It turns into our demons and crushes the purity of our hearts.
It debilitates us thoroughly and weakens our resolve for fresh starts.

Myths of forgiveness, letting go, and forgetting our traumas are all too real.
Our strength of character enables realizations our youth they did steal.

Innocence gone, a myriad of emotions we are left to feel.
Determination to survive and thrive is the backbone of our intention to heal.

Undoing the damage to our psyches is an impossible feat.
Accepting our new selves can be difficult, yet done, if, ourselves, we don’t cheat.

We can choose how to react to future situations; we have many choices.
Empowerment involves positivity and discovering we have voices.

We can rally against our guilt and the demons that live deep inside.
We can overthrow the culprits who have forced us to be silent and hide.

We can show the world our new selves, resulting from our past messes.
We can go from feeling like insecure, damaged goods to undefeatable forces and successes.

Compassion and patience, coupled with an attitude of fearlessness, with give us the motivation
To slay those demons of guilt, find our destiny, and be seen as an inspiration.

#poem #poetry by Lorraine Reguly from Wording Well


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P.S. In lieu of True Tales Tuesday post, I’m posting this poem.

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